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Attention to new technologies, the establishment of Standard Specification for
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The numerical control manufacturing industry informatization development trend. Numerical control technology is born after 50years of information exchange is based on the ISO6983standard, which uses G, M code ( how ) processing, its essence feature is process-oriented, apparently, he has become increasingly unable to meet the needs of the rapid development of modern CNC technology. To this end, the world is researching and developing a new CNC system standard ISO14649( STEPNC ), its purpose is to provide a does not depend on the specific system neutral mechanism, is able to describe the whole life cycle of product within the unified data model, so as to realize the whole process of manufacturing, and various industrial products in the field of information standardization. STEP-NC appearance is probably a revolution in the field of numerical control technology,

The development of NC technology and the manufacturing industry, will produce far-reaching effect. First of all, STEP-NC proposed a new concept of manufacturing, traditional manufacturing idea, NC processing programs are concentrated in a single computer. In the new standard, the NC procedure can be distributed on the Internet, which is the numerical control technology of open, network development direction. Secondly, STEP-NC CNC system also can greatly reduce the manufacturing drawings ( approximately 75%), processing program development time ( approximately 35%) and processing time ( approximately 50%).

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