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CNC machine tool programming method
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CNC machine tool programming method has three kinds: namely the manual programming, automatic programming and CAD / CAM. In 1, manual programming done by manual drawings, process analysis, numerical calculation, writing the program list until the program input and inspection. Applicable to point processing or geometry of less complex parts, however, very time consuming, and the preparation of complex parts, prone to error. 2, automatic programming using computers or programming machine, finishing the program process, for complex parts is very convenient. In 3, CAD / CAM using CAD / CAM software, to realize modeling and image automatic programming. The most typical software is Master CAM, which can complete the milling of two coordinates, three coordinates, four and five coordinate coordinate, cutting, wire cutting programming, although the single function of such software, but simple, low price, still present small and medium-sized enterprise choice.

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A:CNC machine tool programming content and steps
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