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Intelligent, open, network has become the main trend of the development of moder
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In twenty-first Century, CNC equipment will be with a certain intelligent system, intelligent content included in the numerical control system in the aspects : the quest for the machining efficiency and quality aspects of intelligence, such as process parameters adaptive control, automatic generation; in order to improve the driving performance and the use of convenient connection of intelligence, such as feedforward control, motor parameter adaptive arithmetic, automatic identification of load automatically selected model, self-adjusting; simplify the programming, simplify the operation of the intelligent, such as intelligent and automatic programming, intelligent human-machine interface; and the intelligent diagnosis, intelligent monitoring content, convenient for system diagnosis and repair. In order to solve the traditional NC system closed and CNC application software industrialization production problems. Many of the current state of the open CNC system were studied, such as the United States NGC ( The Next Generation Work-Station / Machine Control ), OSACA ( Open System Architecture the for Control within Automation Systems ), Japan ( Open System Environment OSEC for Controller ), ONC ( Open Numerical Control China System ) etc..

Open CNC system has become a numerical control system of the road to the future. The so-called open numerical control system is the numerical control system in the development of a unified operating platform, the machine tool manufacturers and end users, through the change, increase or cut structural object ( NC ), formed a series, and easily the user's special application and technical know-how is integrated into the control system, and rapid realization of different varieties, different grades of open NC system, forming a distinct personality of the brand. The open CNC system structure, communication specification specification, configuration specification, operation platform, NC system and the NC system functions such as software development tools is the core of the current study. Network numerical control equipment is nearly two years of famous International Machine Tool Fair in a new window. Numerical control equipment of the network will greatly meet the production lines, manufacturing system, manufacturing enterprise information integration on demand, but also create a new manufacturing mode such as agile manufacturing, virtual enterprise, the global manufacturing base unit. Some well-known domestic and foreign CNC machine tools and CNC manufacturing company in the past two years, introduced the related concepts and prototypes, such as in EMO2001exhibition in Japan, Yamazaki ( Mazak ) company featuring a" CyberProduction Center" ( intelligent production control center, referred to as CPC ); Japan's Okuma ( Okuma ) machine tool company exhibited" IT Plaza" ( Information Technology Square, referred to as IT Square); German Siemens ( Siemens ) Open Manufacturing Environment ( company featuring open manufacturing environment, referred to as OME ), reflecting the CNC machining to the direction of network development trend.

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