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Five axis machining and compound processing machine tool development
Date:[2012-5-21 11:34:18]   Review[2096]Time

Using 5axis linkage on 3D surface machining, cutting tool geometry can be best cutting, not only high smoothness, but also greatly improve the efficiency of. Generally,1sets of 5axis machine tool efficiency can be equal to 2sets of 3axis machine tools, particularly the use of cubic boron nitride superhard materials such as milling cutter for high speed milling of hardened steel parts,5axis machining can be more than3axis machining more benefits. But in the past due to the 5axis CNC system, a host of complex structure and other reasons, its price than3 axis linkage CNC machine several times higher, and programming technology difficult, restricted the development of 5 axis machine tool. Because of the electric spindle, make the implementation of 5 axis machining composite main axle structure is simplified, the manufacturing difficulty and cost are greatly reduced, CNC system to narrow the price gap. It has promoted the compound main spindle head type5 axis machine tool and compound processing machine tool (5machine ) the development.

In the EMO2001exhibition, SNK 's5 surface processing machine using the composite main spindle head, can achieve 4perpendicular to the plane of any point of processing and processing, the5 surface processing and 5axis machining can be realized in the same machine, but also can realize the inclined plane and the back taper hole processing. The German company DMG exhibited DMUVoution series machining center, can be in a fixture of5 surface processing and 5axis machining, can be controlled by the CNC system or CAD / CAM direct or indirect control.

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