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Numerical control technology and equipment manufacturing industry is the importa
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Numerical control technology and equipment manufacturing industry is the important basis for the modernization of. This foundation is a direct impact on a country's economic development and the comprehensive national strength, the relationship between a country's strategic position. Therefore, the developed countries in the world have taken significant steps to develop its own digital technology and its industry.

In our country, the numerical control technology and equipment development have also received great attention in recent years, has made considerable progress. Especially in the area of general computer numerical control, PC platform for domestic CNC system, have been walking in the forefront of the world. However, our country numerical control technology in the research and development of industry also has many problems, particularly in the ability of technological innovation, commercialization process, and other aspects of market share is outstanding. In the new century, how to solve these problems effectively, make our NC areas along the path of sustainable development, from the whole round into the advanced ranks in the world, so that we in the international competition in a play a decisive role position, will be the NC research and development departments and manufacturers are facing important tasks.

To accomplish this task, we must first established in China's development. Therefore, this paper from the overall strategy and technical route and numerical control system at two levels, the functional components, such as numerical control machine of a few specific aspects of the new century the development way

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